Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finished reading The Daily Five

Today I finished reading the book, The Daily Five.  My school is switching up how we do our Language Arts program.  Luckily, we are switching to the concepts taught in this book.  I am excited for the change!  After finishing reading the book on my iPad today, it left me wondering what now?  I have another two months to help me figure out how to answer that question.  Before next Monday, it is my goal to head out to Barnes and Noble and purchase the next book in this series, which is CAFE.  From my understanding, this book will dive deeper into the "how to implement" Daily Five.

What are you doing this summer to help you get ready for next school year?  Are there any special books on your reading list?  Please share here!

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  1. D5 is awesome and CAFE is woderful!

    I have had success with first grade through 6th graders :)