Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Really Good Stuff's "Best-Ever Pocket Chart Stand"

This is Really Good Stuff's "Best-Ever Pocket Chart Stand" that costs $149.99:
This is not something I can afford by any stretch of the means.  So I have this wild and crazy idea of having my husband attempt to make something like it.

I found this homemade pocket chart stand on http://www.childcareland.com/ with directions and specs on how to make it:

I have taken both ideas and in my head I have merged it into this:
Now if only I can get my husband to make these for me so I can see of it would work.  The only part that I am iffy on is the center support.  I will have to think more on this one.  I have had dreams about this working.  Any thoughts or comments about my crazy idea?

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